1. Replace Flooring


This is a simple way to transform the general look of your gym while keeping to budget. With a relatively quick install to keep disruption to a minimum this is the number one recommended method.

 Check out Calibre Fitness’s client PCYC and their recent ‘fresh for spring’ fitness space.


2. Rearranging Floor Space

Zoning is a term often referred to in functional spaces where the space is broken down according to the purpose behind the activities to be carried out and arranged so they are in the ideal spot. Calibre Fitness can help plan and move your gym to ensure your members are able to complete their workouts as enjoyably and efficiently as possible.

Call us for a free Zone Analysis in your gym or alternatively check out our fantastic free gym planner


3. Replace Fitness Accessories

Replacing smaller equipment will complement your existing equipment and offer more training options. Additionally, this is relatively inexpensive.

Some product examples include the following:

Medicine Balls

Fitness Balls

Resistance Bands

Exercise Mats

TRX Suspension Training Kits


4. Add New Strength Machines

Calibre Fitness keep up to date on the latest machines and technologies designed to give the best possible workout so you don’t have to. New ranges are introduced often by Calibre Fitness and clients keeping in touch is a good way to stay up-to-date. Adding new machines is a great way to freshen up your gym and your members will appreciate it!

The new premium range has now been introduced:



5. Cosmetic updates such as fresh paint, posters with inspirational messages and floor designs

Decorating the gym with inspirational message, new floor drawings with practical uses such as markers for squats are brilliant ways to quickly update the overall gym look.