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Cardio - Feel the Burn

There’s a reason why almost every gym on Earth has a cardio equipment section - it just works. Cardio equipment burns through the calories, increases cardiovascular fitness levels and decreases the impact on your joints. Also, cardio workouts increase muscular endurance, helping you to bulk up during your weights sessions.

Not Just Treadmills

Not everyone wants to pound out the kilometres on the treadmill, or push out 500 metre interval training sets on the rowing machine. That’s why Calibre Fitness offers a range of cardio equipment to suit your needs, and have you training like you mean it. After all, the best piece of cardio equipment in your gym is the one you’re going to want to use. But that bike won’t pedal itself, so if you want to get the results, you need to push yourself all the way. Having a range of machines means you won’t get bored either, and each one will challenge your whole body in a variety of different ways. You’ll get great results from the moment you starting pushing your body through a range of motions at a high intensity. Before long you’ll have that lean, toned body you’ve been looking for, and you’ll be able to work harder for longer, while recovering quicker doing everyday tasks.

Calibre Cardio Guarantee

With the range of cardio equipment at Calibre Fitness, you’ll be able to offer your clients the kind of cardio workouts they’re looking for to hit their fitness goals. We guarantee you won’t find more affordable cardio equipment anywhere in Australia, and offer complete facility layout and design services should you need assistance. We are your cardio equipment specialists.

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