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Group Fitness Equipment8 item(s) found.

8 Item(s)

Product Code: PUMPK-R
Class Bar Set- Rubber Coated Plates & Bar - Red (Set)
Our Price: A$99.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-Z
Pump Kit Package & Rack (10 Pump Kits)
Our Price: A$1,299.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-AA
Pump Kit Package & Rack (30 Pump Kits)
Our Price: A$3,799.00
Product Code: CALBT
Interval Timer (6 x Digit)
Our Price: A$270.00
Product Code: GYMBOSS-C
Gymboss Timer
Our Price: A$29.50
Product Code: GYMBOSS-M
Gymboss Mini Max Timer
Our Price: A$40.95
Product Code: TRXC1
Suspension Training Pro Club Kit x 1
Our Price: A$189.00
Top Seller
Product Code: AP3002NL
Aerobic Step
Our Price: A$99.00

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Group Fitness Equipment

Exercise Like a Pro

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur athlete hitting the gym a few days a week to burn off the calories and increase your strength, or a professional athlete striving for peak physical fitness to achieve those long term goals. You need a diverse range of exercise equipment so you can challenge every part of your body in a wide variety of ways to increase cardiovascular fitness, bulk up, get ripped, tone up or burn the fat away.

At Calibre Fitness we have the largest range of exercise equipment imaginable, enough to fit out an entire gym with plenty leftover. Variety in your exercise regime not only helps your body to achieve your goals faster, but also keeps your workouts interesting so you’ll want to come back over and over again. Plyometrics, rope exercises, ab workouts, rollers for stretching, specialised sports gear, training stations for power and resistance training, the list of equipment we stock goes on and on to ensure your workout is first-class each and every time. There is literally no chance you could get stuck in a rut or lose motivation for training if you’ve got our incredible range of fitness equipment on hand.

With the range of exercise equipment at Calibre Fitness, you’ll be able to offer your clients any kind of workout they’re looking for, ensuring they hit their fitness goals faster. We guarantee you won’t find more affordable exercise equipment anywhere in Australia, and offer complete facility layout and design services. We are your exercise equipment specialists.

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