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Fitness Challenge Competition


 Welcome to the Calibre Fitness Challenge Competition

The team at Calibre Fitness are promoting a series of competitions to put our clients to the test and share personal bests. The idea is to promote fun and interesting social interactions between groups of clients and to share new exercises and fitness ideas.

Each month the Calibre Fitness Team and associated partners will come up with a challenge for our clients to undertake and welcome anyone to post their video to our website. This will be shared to our Facebook page.

Winners will be announced around a week after the close of the competition.


Calibre Fitness Challenge Competition


  • Maximum number of characters: 70

  • Maximum number of characters: 70

  • Maximum number of characters: 15

  • Allowed file extensions to upload: mp4, 3gp

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Earn a $200 Calibre Fitness voucher by successfully winning a Calibre Fitness Challenge.


The competition has just launched. Winner for January will appear here.


THE RULES: Complete a walking handstand, on film and post it to our Facebook page.


The winner will enjoy a $200 voucher redeemable on Calibre Fitness Products.

Terms and Conditions
  • Entrants may enter as many times as they wish
  • A select Calibre Fitness staff member will judge the winner impartially and notify them through Facebook messenger. It is the entrant’s responsibility to check their messages.
  • Open dates. Competition runs from the first of the month (or whenever the announcement of the competition starts) and closes on the last day of the month. The winner will be notified up to 1 week after.
  • Calibre Fitness reserves the right to delete any posts they deem to be:
  • No swearing, rude behaviour, slander, nudity or illegal posts of any sort
  • By uploading your video, you are giving Calibre Fitness ownership rights and consent to the editing and redistribution of the video on channels such as Youtube and Facebook
  • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Voucher is only valid for the period of 6 months from date of issue
  • Voucher can only be used on products indicated
  • Voucher cannot be traded and will be made out to the winner
  • Calibre Fitness accept no responsibility for any injury caused in the participation of the Calibre Challenges by any person or others as a result of someones participation.


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