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Olympic Flat Weight Bench

Product Code: MK7014

Olympic Flat Weight Bench

Our Price: A$999.00 (incl. 10% GST)

Olympic Flat Weight Bench

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  • Comfortable back support with adjustable bottom support
  • 3 different points of racking with 6" spacing
  • 4 weight plate holders at rear


Unwilling to compromise, Master-Kraft products feature materials and components of only the highest possible quality and durability available.

The Master-Kraft range is European designed and represents the absolute best quality full commercial rated strength pieces available on the market today!

This is an extensive range offering 45 heavy duty models including weight benches, smith machines and multi gyms, catering for all strength training exercises.

User friendly design, advanced biomechanics, clean lines, unprecedented functionality and smooth fluid movement.

Every piece features a contemporary look and colour scheme and combines the best features with superior design and reliable performance.

This series is the best choice for full commercial applications where long lasting reliable functional strength equipment is a must!

The Ideal Range For:

  • Commercial Health Clubs/Gyms

Also Supplied To:

  • Crossfit Training Facilities
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Schools/Universities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Government Departments
  • Physiotherapists
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Office Gyms
  • Hotels/Resorts


  • Accommodating"Iso-lateral movements accommodate single arm exercisessound biomechanicsoffer smooth movement following your body.
  • Compact-Space efficient designrequires minimal floor space.
  • Laser engraved numbered positions.
  • Made of 3M non-slip material to ensure safety support.
  • Ergonomically magnetic selection pin and safe wiring.
  • Designed to accommodate optimal biomechanics.
  • Different positions angle indicator and numbering.
  • ST52 chamfering calibration and machining.
  • Numbered plates with 3 different colors separating weight levels.
  • Nylon pulleys with an internal bearing to ensure quiet balanced operation as well as eliminate excess weight at beginning of exercise.
  • Easy-to-use-Minimal adjustmentsand pre-stretch features allow for optimal exercise positions.
  • Attractive -Race track tubing offers streamlined look.Sleekdesign and quality materials combine for impressive aesthetics.
  • Instructive-Simple, step-by-step instructions and training tips help usersget the most out of their workout.


  • Tubing: 50x100mm, electro-welded to maximum integrity.
  • Heavy duty 2.5mm gauge steel.
  • Laser cut steel for accuracy and issue free assembly.
  • Robotic welding for perfect finish and strength.
  • Steel pickling and stabilized in various cleaning agents to ensure a perfect and complete cleaning of the base material.
  • Colour:Tungsten(metallic silver gray).
  • Finish: Antioxidant to ensure adequate insulation of internal oxidation. Good paint adhesion primer. Two final coats of epoxy polyester powder dried at 240 ° C.

Weight Plates & Cables

  • Weight Plates: 25mm machined cast weight plates with fittedprecisionnylon bushings to ensure smoothoperationon guide rods.
  • Guide Rods: 25mm diametercalibrated carbon steel shafts, polished with corrosion-resistant plating for smooth operation and rust prevention. Double chrome treatment hardened for optimal weight plate up and down movement.
  • Weight Range:Low starting weight and full weight range accommodate a wide range of users.
  • Weight Selection Pin: Weight selection pin is blue colour-coded for easy identification.Magnetic weight selection pin assures positive locking to plates.
  • Cables:Aircraftspecific5mmAmerican Looscable with a 4, 200 lb breaking strength.End fittings tested to250, 000cycles using full weight stack.

Handles and Adjustments

  • Handles: Slip resistantcustom-mouldedrubber grip assembly with machinedalloy end-capand retaining ring. Push grips are over-sized to39mmdiameter. Pull grips and handlebars areover-sized to 32mmdiameterfor optimal gripping.
  • StartingPosition Adjustment: Hardened spring-loaded snap-pin assembly with easy-to-grip pullhandlefor smoothpositionadjustment. Pullhandleis blue colour-coded for easy identification.
  • Seat/Back Pad Adjustments: Custom-moulded sleeve-tube insertsin between inner and outer tubing ensures stable low friction seat adjustments. Ratcheting seat adjustment with push-to-release lever is blue colour-coded for easy identification. Viewingwindowand etched numbers on sleeve-tube for accurate positioning of seat and back pad.


  • ABEC-rated bearings for added durability and smooth feel.
  • Glass fiber reinforced nylon pulleys with deep V-groove provides secure cable seating and fluid bearing rotation.
  • Size:4.5’’(11mm)

Bearingsand Pivot Joints

  • Pillow block motor grade rotary bearingsprovidedon machines with a cam assembly (ArmCurl, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Abdominal, and Back Extension).
  • Axles: 25mm solid steel pivot axles with oil-impregnated bronze bushings for precise alignment and frictionless movement.


  • Fabric: Premium quality industrial strength 3mm artificial leather with protective coating results in long-lasting easy-to-clean upholstery pads and rollers. Fabric meets or exceedsuniversalfire regulations.
  • Construction: 4-piece design with19mmthick plywood backing followed by38mmthickfoam core covered by industrialartificial leather. Total thickness is60mm.

Weight StackTower Enclosure

  • Weight stack tower top securely coversthepulley mechanism.
  • Translucenthigh density hardened plasticshrouds enclosing both the front and the back of the weight stack.


  • Machines are packaged partially pre-assembled to save time and eliminate steps.
  • On average, assembly requires installation of 30 bolts or less.
  • Assembly guide clearly instructs installation steps and tips.
Commercial Rating:
Assembled Dimensions:
L x W x H (MM)
(Net KGS)
Maximum User Weight:
Maximum Weight Load:

Coming Soon


  • Main frames: Life time
  • Moving arms: 2 years
  • Weight stack plates and components, rotary bearings, bushings and pulleys: 2 years
  • Cable linear bearings springs adjustments: 1 year
  • Hand grips upholstery pads and rollers all other parts (including end caps shrouds): 6 months


  • The warranty periods commence 5 x days after leaving the factory
  • This warranty applies only against defects discovered within the warranty period. Warranty claims need to be made within the warranty period
  • Parts repaired or replaced under the warranty terms will be covered for the remainder of the original warranty only
  • To claim under this warranty the customer must notify Calibre Fitness within 30 days after the date of discovery of any defects and make the defected product available for visual inspection in any form for Calibre Fitness. Additionally unaltered or undefaced serial tag must be shown along with the defected product
  • This warranty does not apply to damages caused by accident misuse improper service or non-Calibre modification
  • You are consenting to be bound by the following warranty terms and conditions
  • Proof of purchase is required in all cases
  • Conditions subject to change.

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