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Domestic: Body Weight, Plate Loaded & Free Weights

Serious Strength

Whether you’re just starting out in the gym, or you’re an experienced lifting expert, you need the right strength equipment to turn your fitness dreams into reality. Increasing muscle mass, getting stronger, more powerful and boosting endurance are all achievable and desirable outcomes of using the right strength equipment properly. With more muscle mass, your body fat percentage decreases and the more calories you burn at rest giving you that ripped, lean, toned look. The numerous positive health and fitness benefits associated with strength training are compelling, and besides, who doesn’t want to just look and feel better about themselves?

Calibre Fitness has all of the strength equipment you need to hit every muscle perfectly. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, or what your current fitness levels are, using strength equipment regularly and correctly will dramatically increase your strength and appearance in less time than you think. From individual machines that target specific muscle groups, to multi-gyms and strength and conditioning packages, Calibre Fitness has the strength equipment to suit your needs.

With the range of strength equipment at Calibre Fitness, you’ll be able to offer your clients any kind of weight lifting workout they’re looking for, ensuring they hit their fitness goals faster. We guarantee you won’t find more affordable strength equipment anywhere in Australia, and offer complete facility layout and design services. We are your strength equipment specialists.

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